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Choose Your Own Adventure

Take a look at all the thru-hikes we have found and choose which will be your next adventure!

The Big 3 Thru-Hikes

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Pacific Crest Trail

Distance: 2,650 Miles (4265 km)
Average Time To Complete: 

Description: The Pacific Crest Trail stretches from the Southern endpoint at the US/Mexico border in Campo, CA, to its Northern endpoint of the US/Canadian border in Washington. The trail passes through three states; California, Oregon, and Washington. 

Along its way it passes through the Mojave Desert, Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the Cascade Mountain Range. Recently made famous in the book and movie of the same name, Wild, the PCT is a favorite among day hikers and thru-hikers alike.

Continental Divide Trail

Distance: 3,050 Miles (4908 km)
Average Time To Complete: 

Description: The Continental Divide Trail stretches from its Southern end located at Crazy Cook Monument in New Mexico’s bootheel, to the North end located at the Canadian border of Waterton Lake in Glacier National Park. 

The CDT crosses through 5 states as it traces its way along the backbone of North America’s Continental Divide. Known for being the longest, hardest, highest and most remote of the "triple Crown" long distance hiking trails the CDT provides the user with a wild escape in the Rocky Mountains.

Rich with history of the west visitors can walk among Anasazi Ruins, over mining camps in Colorado’s high country and among the same mountains and passes that Lewis and Clark used during their corps of discovery.
Continental Divide Trail Badge
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