October 17, 2019
Amazon Essentials Lightweight Hooded Puffy Jacket Review

For a budget conscious shopper who is trying to go light on the pack weight, the Amazon Essentials Puffy Jacket hits home run!

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June 29, 2019
10 Amazingly Popular Puffy Jackets for Ultralight Backpacking

We covered how to choose the right puffy jacket in this post and we received requests for our list of best and/or popular jackets. Today we delve into the options on popular puffy jackets and where you can spend some money for quality jackets which will last you.

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June 29, 2019
Why Is A Puffy Jacket A Quality Investment For Thru-Hikers?

A puffy jacket is super important to investigate and purchase because it’s a critical piece to your thru-hiker gear. Your puffy jacket should not be cheap as you spend a lot of time wearing it.

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