Thru Hike

September 22, 2019
How Big of a Backpack Do You Need for Backpacking?

When you are checking out backpacks, trying to find what size backpack you should use for your thru-hike you want to look into the following traits for your personal best fit. Each will depend on your available funds and the needs of your other gear and weight of the items contained within. The best backpack […]

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July 3, 2019
7 Must-Have Supplements For Long Distance Hiking Health

Hiking is abusive on our bodies, today we list supplements for long distance hiking to help support your bodies recovery from the exhaustive thru-hiking injury.

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July 1, 2019
Ultralight Backpacking On The Lone Star Hiking Trail: 96 Miles Of Texas Heat

For those like me who weren't aware of the Lone Star Hiking Trail (LSHT) near Houston, Texas. It is the longest footpath in the state of Texas coming in at 96 miles. #lsht #hiking #texas #thruhike #backpacking

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